St. Charles Barber College

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St. Charles Barber College Delivers World Class Professionals

The primary mission of our program is to train students to master the Art and Science of Barbering.  We are here to instill in students the importance of good public relations and an advanced skill set, and to help students enter the job market as professional and sought-after Barbers.

Barbers & Crossovers

Barbering is a rich-historied and growing field.  Whether you are an aspiring new Barber or a current Cosmetologists looking to obtain your Barber Crossover licensure, we are the top notch facility to help you. Our programs include curriculums valuing State testing-centric education and a high respect for the antiquity of barbering’s past, leading to a well rounded education and the confidence to join the leagues of esteemed barbers worldwide, both past and present.   

Over 40 Years of Experience

St. Charles Barber College employs Educators that LOVE to teach and have the background to help you meet all of your Barbering goals.  From shop owners to school owners, from cosmetologists to State Board insiders, and from national award-winning professionals to just plain’ol good barbers, our Educators are here to ensure your comfort in a professional and personalized education environment.  

Why Choose St. Charles Barber College?

Whether you’re an experienced cosmetologist looking to learn the ways of barbering or a prospective full-time student looking to embark on a career in barbering, we understand that you have options in where you choose to attend. With other barbering colleges in the area, one of our most frequently asked questions is what sets us apart, and we are more than happy to answer:

A Place for Passionate Students

Whether you come from a long line of barbers, hair and style is more important than the air you breathe, or whatever draws you to the profession, SCBC is staffed by and trains professionals who are serious about their craft and you’ll always find yourself surrounded by passionate and like-minded individuals.

Looking to Step Up Their Game

At SCBC, we strive to only train the top barber and crossover students. If you find yourself looking to start a new career or expand your current skill set and take your profession to a whole new level, SCBC is the place to be. We help you learn more, achieve more, be more, and most of all, stand out in a crowd.

Trained by Best In Class Barbers

With over 40 years in the game, SCBC has received accolades from Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, the city and county of St. Charles, featured on ABC, multiple publications, and ran by Desi Price, Sr., a member of the Missouri Board of Barber and Cosmetology Examiners, helping you excel has never been easier.

With What You Need to Succeed

Having great tools you need to succeed come packed in your top of the line barbering or crossover kit and ready to follow you into the world, but they are at their most powerful when you are trained by world-class professionals in barbering, chemistry, physiology, branding, marketing, and sales. SCBC prepares you not only for doing business, but excelling at it.

Be More Than Just a Barber

SCBC isn’t a hole-in-the-wall barber school. We do our best to only put out top of class barbers. We go beyond teaching basics and deep into the science of the craft. If you are truly passionate about a career in barbering and want to be more than another pair of clippers in the crowd, invest in yourself and trust SCBC to help you become a true professional.

Be a Top of the Class Professional

Some barber colleges train barbers. At SCBC we train industry professionals. Founded by a member of the Missouri Board of Barbering & Cosmetology, we help students become more than barbers, more than world traveling stylists, we help you master your skills, how to market yourself or business, how to sell yourself and your talents, and how to rise above the rest.