St. Charles Barber College

Live it. A Barber's Life
This is not a hobby, it's a LIFESTYLE. Show up, and we will help you show out.
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Love it. A Barber's Life
Make an INCOME while making an IMPACT. Let us show you how.
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Do it. A Barber's Life
Those afraid of doing too much, always do too little. Let SCBC help you turn your fear into a future.
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St. Charles Barber College Delivers World Class Professionals

The primary mission of our program is to train students to master the Art and Science of Barbering.  We are here to instill in students the importance of good public relations and an advanced skill set, and to help students enter the job market as professional and sought-after Barbers.

Barbers & Crossovers

Barbering is a rich-historied and growing field.  Whether you are an aspiring new Barber or a current Cosmetologists looking to obtain your Barber Crossover licensure, we are the top notch facility to help you. Our programs include curriculums valuing State testing-centric education and a high respect for the antiquity of barbering’s past, leading to a well rounded education and the confidence to join the leagues of esteemed barbers worldwide, both past and present.   

Over 40 Years of Experience

St. Charles Barber College employs Educators that LOVE to teach and have the background to help you meet all of your Barbering goals.  From shop owners to school owners, from cosmetologists to State Board insiders, and from national award-winning professionals to just plain’ol good barbers, our Educators are here to ensure your comfort in a professional and personalized education environment.