St. Charles Barber College

About Us

St. Charles Barber College is proudly OWNING the corner of Elm and Kingshighway in our NEW location!  Operating since 2005, SCBC’s founder Leo “Desi” Price moved our amazing educational institute to an expanded location at 1510 Elm Street in June 2018.  Not only do we have more room to breathe, we have more room for YOU!  With 15 full service barber stations, an interactive classroom, admin office, director’s office, and plenty of room to store your things and hang out in the breakroom, SCBC is a facility like no other.  We offer full spectrum barbering services such as haircuts, straight razor shaves, basic color and texture services, and beard and mustache trims to clients of all races, backgrounds, ages and styles.  Not only is our guest reach diverse, but our students and staff members are equally so.  Barbering doesn’t have a minimum or maximum age, a stereotypical phenotype, or a mold one must conform to.  That fact  is CELEBRATED here at SCBC.  We cater to ALL learners and all guests as we unite under the umbrella of making St. Charles Barber College THE destination for barbering education and services.  

About Us... Individually

Leo "Desi" Price, Sr.

Leo D. Price Sr.  is the owner, and Instructor and all around “Main Man” here at SCBC.  Desi is a licensed Barber (of over 20 years) and Barbering Instructor, and has owned and operated St. Charles Barber College for the past 13+ years.  Before running the big show here at SCBC, Desi owned and operated Desi’s Sports-Barber Shop, before deciding educating his future colleagues was his true passion in life.  Desi is not just a big dog in our house, as he was also appointed to the Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners (which licenses all establishments and persons engaged in the practice of hairdressing, cosmetology and manicuring), by Gov. Jay Nixon.

Meghan Mangrum

As Desi would say, “Oh, here we go!”.  Meghan is our Lead Instructor and Admin Asst. and is a spitfire with an education and background to only be matched by her personality.  Meghan has been a Cosmetologist for 10 years and a Cosmetology Educator for the past 5+.  As a stylist and Educator, her main areas of expertise were color/color correction and you guessed it, menswork.  This love for men’s cutting and styling led her to enroll at SCBC as a Crossover Student and she JUMPED at the chance to teach for Desi and make her new home here at SCBC.  With a strong background in shearwork, guard-less clipper cutting, and ALL THINGS HAIR SCIENCE-Y, Meghan is in love with classroom education and thrives on seeing those “aha” moments on new Barbers’ faces behind the chair.   

Come meet us up close

Each of us are devoted to delivering the highest quality education in the barbering and barbering cross-over fields and helping shape the future sharp barbers in the industry.

Leo "Desi" Price, Sr

President / Director / Instructor

Leo Price, Jr.


Meghan Mangrum

Lead Barber Instructor

John Mitchell

Barber Instructor

Leonardo Price

Barber Instructor

Gary Spencer