The Crossover to Barber Program

The Barber Cross-Over Program is designed for licensed Cosmetologists who wish to expand their knowledge into the Barbering Profession with Straight Razoring techniques. This is a 45 Hour Course (5 Hours of The History of Barbering and 40 hours of hands-on Shaving Techniques) and can be taught in less than two weeks.

If you are eager to learn Shaving and want to have fun while learning, join St. Charles Barber College in our Cosmetology-to-Barber Cross-Over Program!

Do you need further help to feel like a clipper-artist?  Ask us about the ADD-ON COURSE to our Crossover Program! With this add-on, we can individualize additional training in men’s haircutting techniques, combo clipper/razor use, and help you solidify your new place in the Barbering world. 

(**NOTE:  No haircutting or clipperwork, other than facial hair shaping, is included in the Barbering Crossover Program.)

At the Completion of the Program:

If You've Ever Had:

Cosmetology License for 1+ year(s):

Only the State Practical (Shaving Portion) Test is required to be Certified.

Cosmetology License for less than a year:

Both the State Practical (Shaving Portion) Test and the State Theory Written Test will be required to be Certified.


Requirements for Enrollment:

  • Application and $100 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • Copy of Cosmetology License
  • Copy of Driver’s License or State ID
  • Copy of High School Diploma or GED equivalent 
  • Physical Exam (and Medical Professional-signed Physical paperwork)

If you’d like to register in person, please download the Cross-Over Registration Packet Here

How long until I can call myself a Barber?

Our Crossover Program is, per the state of MO, 45 hours; 5 hours of Barbering History, and 40 hours of Shaving education and hands-on Shaving practice. As we know most cosmos are ALREADY working and quite busy, we help you discover a schedule that will work for you! Most students can complete the program in as little 1-3 weeks.

Im already a menswork pro. Why add Barbering to my licensure?

First off, GOOD FOR YOU!! Then clearly you already understand that barbering is a great way to build your clientele with loyal, often-visiting, well-tipping folks. However, being able to offer straight razor shaving allows you to bring a new set of relaxing, mid-to-high dollar, sought-after services to your guests, making you even more versatile and indispensable as a stylist.

Do I get a kit?

You sure do! Here at SCBC, we want to make sure you have the additional tools you need to accompany your additional licensure. You will receive an SCBC tshirt, a Barbering history book, a shiny, new, interchangeable-blade straight razor, 100 premium disposable blades, a foil shaver (aka balding shaver, box shaver… basically an awesome tool known by many names), styptic powder, and pre-shave powder. Yea, we set you up.

45 hours doesn't seem like a long time. How will I know I'm ready?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! After completing your 5 hours of education in Barbering History, we allow you to open up your education schedule to AS MANY GUESTS AS YOU CAN MUSTER! We require 10 straight razor shaves to be completed upon your graduation, but you are welcome to bring as many guests as you need to feel comfortable. Any guest you bring into SCBC as a shave model will receive their shaving service FREE OF CHARGE! Oh, and that State Board Practical Test?! We have you covered there, too. A full discussion of exactly what is expected of you, how to perform the specific services and sanitation steps required, and how to pack your kit will all be covered in-depth.

Costs & Fees:

Enrollment Fee: $100 (non-refundable)

Tuition (Call us to Inquire about pricing, Includes Books & Supplies

Have questions about financing your education?  Check out the FAQ page or give us a call.  We accept Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits and Vocational Rehab assistance, we can also speak with you about a customized payment plan; just call,  (636) 724-7670.

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