The Full Barber Program

If you are eager to learn what it takes to make it in this field and want to have fun while learning, join St. Charles Barber College in our Barbering Program!

SCBC is here to help you reach your dreams… and those dreams start with State-sanctioned licensure.  Not only will you focus on the basics of shear and clipper cutting, styling, and straight razor shaving, you will be able to stand proud in your knowledge of relationship building and business practices, chemistry, anatomy, and all things denoting a truly Sharp Barber.

Per the state of Missouri, our Barbering program is 1000 hours as well as a 40 hour continuation of the program specifically for preparation of the State Theory and Practical Examinations (Totaling 1040 hours).  Not in MO?  No Problem!  Ask us how we can prepare you for testing in another US state.

MO Barbering Minimum Hours Breakdown – 1000 Hours

(A) History – 5 
(B) Professional Image – 5 
(C) Bacteriology – 5 
(D) Sterilization, Sanitation, and Safe Work Practices – 20
(E) Implements, Tools, and Equipment – 15
(F) Properties and Disorders of the Skin, Scalp, and Hair – 15
(G) Treatment of Hair and Scalp – 20
(H) Facial Massage and Treatments – 5
(I) Shaving – 35
(J) Haircutting – 425
(K) Hairstyling – 325
(L) Mustache and Beard Design – 5
(M) Permanent Waving – 30
(N) Chemical Hair Relaxing and Soft Curl Permanents – 30
(O) Hair Coloring – 30
(P) Hairpieces – 5
(Q) Chemistry – 5
(R) Anatomy and Physiology – 5
(S) Salesmanship and Establishment Management – 5
(T) State Law – 10

At St. Charles Barber College, we focus heavily on hands on learning and practice of your skills, coupled with semi-traditional classroom instruction so that you get to “learn and do” daily. 

Each week, you will receive classroom-based training utilizing our Instructors’ background, past experiences and knowledge, and Milady’s Barbering Curriculum.  You will be required to participate in classroom discussions and activities as well as follow through your curriculum in your textbook-accompanying workbook.  Beyond traditional classroom education (which we keep short and effective to help prevent boredom  and over-work), you will be able to take advantage of our frequent Professional Guest Speakers (speaking on business, cutting techniques, attitude and shop-life) and will have your hands in PLENTY of hair. 

We offer a wide range of services to the public for you to get in supervised practice from early in your program, until right before graduation.  This is paramount in not only learning how to fade and shave, but will also teach you how to effectively communicate, build a clientele, offer service suggestions, multi-task and give killer high-fives for a job well done!  

At the Completion of the Program:

Oh, the paperwork!  Upon completion of your 1040 program, we will take care of sending in all of your paperwork to the MO State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering Examiners and will also make sure to take an AWESOME graduation photo of you and your newly-minted Graduation Certificate!!  From there, you will be ready to sign up for your State Board Tests!

Written Theory Test:  This is a computer-based exam created to test your knowledge of all things Barbering.

Practical Test:  This is your time to prove all the hands-on hours were good for something!  This exam will test your practical knowledge in safety and sanitation, haircutting, shaving, chemical waving, and color/relaxer application. 

After passing both State Board Tests, you are in!  Your license will be on its way, and YOU will be on your way to the BEST career in the world (well, if you ask us, at least… but we may be a bit biased!)!!

Requirements for Enrollment:

  • Application and $100 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • Copy of Driver’s License or State ID
  • Copy of High School Diploma or GED equivalent 
  • Physical Exam (and Medical Professional-signed Physical paperwork)

If you’d like to register in person, please download the Barber Registration Packet Here

How long until I can call myself a Barber?

Our Barbering Program is, per the state of MO, 1000 hours as stated above. Our program has an additional 40 hours of State Board Prep, making the entire program 1040 hours. This can be completed in as little 7 months and could take as long as 18 months depending on your full or part-time status. Our traditional Full-time schedule is Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 3pm. Our traditional Part-time program is Tuesday – Saturday 9am-3pm. BUT, do you have a work/life schedule that could make these difficult to attend? PLEASE contact us! We have schedule customization options we are able to explore for the RIGHT student candidates.

Look, I'v known PLENTY of people who cut hair without a license. Why do I need St. Charles Barber College's help to be a Barber?

Good question. Short answer? It’s illegal. Long answer? Have you ever heard of tinea barbae? What about tinea capitis, Hepatitis or impetigo? These are all infections that could EASILY be spread by an uneducated barber. If you went to an untrained doctor and contracted a life-altering bloodborn illness, wouldn’t you freak? Dang right!! And clients of unlicensed barbers would have the same feelings AND rights; this could lead to expensive lawsuits, fines and/or jail time and the loss of opportunity to ever become licensed. We PRIDE ourselves on our licensure. We PRIDE ourselves on knowing what tools, implements and styles are appropriate for varied hair textures, face/head shapes, and individuals. We KNOW what the ‘blue stuff’ on a barber’s counter REALLY does. We PRIDE ourselves on ‘paying our dues’ and knowing we are safe-operating, sanitary, highly educated, well-practiced, and skillful LICENSED barbers. Believe us, you WANT that piece of paper!!

Do I get a kit?

OF COURSE! Our students aren’t just students… they are BARBERS! To be the part, you have to look the part and to look the part you have to sport the right tools. You will receive MULTIPLE top quality clippers (yes you read that right!! One motor-driven clipper and detachable blades, one magnet-driven clipper and guards, a t-edging trimmer and a balding foil shaver); additional cutting tools such as your haircutting shears, texture shears, and straight razor with disposable blades; combs, bottles, cleaning supplies, mirror, a sweet SCBC t-shirt and a streamlined, professional case to not only add to the looking-the-part thing, but to carry all of this in, and more!

I really want to do this, BUT... I'm terrible at tests and I hate being in school. Help?

I know, I know. For some people, this is a big change. We have students from various educational backgrounds and histories and are well prepared to help each and every type. From those whom are fresh out of high school and hated every minute of it, to those former good students yet years have passed since taking a test… we promise, we can help. We work with each student from start to finish in giving the best experience possible. Not a good note taker? We’ve got our ways. Clam up in front of groups in stressful situations? We’ve got you there, too. SCBC tries each day to keep you on your toes, help push you to push yourself, and to have an educational environment unlike any you have been in before.

Costs & Fees:

Enrollment Fee: $100 (non-refundable)

Tuition (Call us to Inquire about pricing, Includes Books & Supplies

Have questions about financing your education? We accept Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits and Vocational Rehab assistance. We can also speak with you about a customized payment plan; just call,  (636) 724-7670.

Request Information or Inquire about a Tour...

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