St. Charles Barber College

Sharp Razors. Sharp Styles. Sharp Barbers.

The primary mission of our program is to train students to master the Art and Science of Barbering.  We are here to instill in students the importance of good public relations and an advanced skill set, and to help students enter the job market as sharp, professional and sought-after, Barbers.

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Past: What do the colors of that pole mean again?!

Barbering is one of the oldest professions know to man.  From the razor relics of ancient Egypt and Greece to the “barber surgeons” of the Middle Ages practicing a strange combo of tooth extraction, minor surgery and full men’s facial and hair grooming, our industry and its history is rich, diverse, and more importantly, IMPORTANT!

Present: The Resurgence of The Barber Shop

Even though we have left behind our “barber surgeon” title, there is no doubt that today’s top barbers are just as important to society as we have always been.  Hair and facial hair trends of today are sending men back into the Barbershop to relive a little bit of the hospitality and camaraderie ever present and seek the knowledge and skill of a true Barber.

Future: Sharp Razors. Sharp Styles. Sharp Barbers.

Becoming a Barber, full of knowledge and skill, sets you up with the ability to change our industry yet again.  Anything is possible: shop owner, razor artist, teacher, or “guy/girl with a line out the door”. Creating new trends, recreating classic cuts and styles, and loving what you do is EXACTLY what is in store for a St. Charles Barber College graduate’s future.