St. Charles Barber College

ScBC programs

We offer Full-time and Part-time Barbering courses as well as Barbering Crossover education compliant with and exceeding the training required by the State’s Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Examiners. Oh, and whether you are a soon-to-be new Barber or soon-to-be Barbering/Cosmetology pro, we promise our programs will make you PROUD to sport your SCBC gear for years and years of cuts and shaves to come.


Per the state of Missouri, our Barbering program is 1000 hours, as well as a 40 hour continuation of the program specifically for preparation of the State Theory and Practical Examinations (totaling 1040 hours).  Not in MO?  No problem!  Ask us how we can prepare you for testing in another US state!

Barber Crossover

Per the state of MO, our Barbering Crossover program is 45 hours.  In this program, we train CURRENT cosmetologists in the history, art, and skill of straight razor shaving.  Are you a cosmetologist looking to add Barbering to your licensure, but also need a little help in your clippering or other menswork skills?  Ask how we can help there, too!

The Tools You Need to Succeed

Barbers can be bookworms, too!

It's not all hands in hair, people! We have to get down in our books, too. Included in your kit is the Milady Standard Barbering Textbook; the gold standard in Barber training literature.

Trade tools to rival any pro.

Our students aren't just students... they are BARBERS! To be the part, you have to look the part and to look the part you have to sport the right tools. You will receive multiple top quality clippers and other cutting tools, combs, bottles, cleaning supplies, a sweet SCBC t-shirt and a streamlined, professional case to not only add to the looking-the-part thing, but to carry all of this in, and more!

We haven't left you out, Cosmos!

Yea, yea, yea. You are ALREADY a pro! But don't think we left you out of the best day of Barber school... kit day! As a Barbering Crossover student, you will receive a straight razor and blades, a foil shaver, pre-shave powder stick, styptic powder, a barbering history book and yes, one of those sweet SCBC t-shirts, too.

State Board Test, Schmate Board Test...

After you have hit the books and sent many happy clients out through the doors, you STILL have to take those darn tests! Don't worry, though; SCBC has you covered. From help with packing your kit and participation in mock State Board Practical testing, to an endless amount of study material for your theory exam, we are your partners until the very end.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Although we've mentioned the books and all of the interesting theory you will learn, we know what you REALLY came for... to cut some hair! Well, there are no problems there, my friends. Our students spend time each day on the floor interacting with our stylistically-diverse, ethnically-diverse, and age-diverse clientele, giving each student the opportunity to as we said above, practice, practice, practice!

Need a shave? Well, your buddy needs some practice!

At SCBC we think an environment of learning doesn't have to just be in a classroom or with a guest; sometimes the best way to learn is with a friend. Based on student availability, SCBC students are encouraged to work on one another, build their skills, and have a few laughs along the way, because TRUST US, there will be no shortage of those.